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I'm Scott and I started Stick Out Your Face Photography to help people with their photographic needs and fill a creative void in my own life. Whether I am teaching basic camera theory to moms and dads or off as lead photographer at a gala fund raiser, I have noticed something interesting.   What I have discovered is people have great cameras at home... but sometimes take lousy pictures, can't be in the picture, or miss the event because they where trying to take a picture of something they should have been experiencing first hand. (not stuck behind the camera) It happens in my own life and I hate seeing it happen to the people around me.

Stick Out Your Face Photography fixes that.

We have two super simple photo packages. (A) or (B)

A) $400, 3hrs of shooting, at the end YOU GET ALL THE PHOTOS ON USB STICK


B) $125, 2-3hrs shooting, then $20 per print ready Jpeg


*** please note (Large Wedding and Corporate Events have different pricing, please call for pricing)

Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about running the camera at your daughter's birthday... just relax and enjoy moment and let someone who knows how to get "the shot" do their thing.

Then later, fire up the computer and have all the day's amazing event photos at your finger tips to do whatever you choose. OR... later over coffee, choose one or two photo's for the scrapbook and living room wall that are fully colour corrected, edited, cropped and print ready! All you have to do is email them to your local print center. WHAT COULD BE SIMPLER.

Do yourself a favour and consider Stick Out Your Face Photography for your next event, birthday, new car, special night out, or just because... You will get to be in the moment and part of the moment. Not stuck squinting at the back of your camera.   

More information here on booking myself or one of my team members.

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